2012 Cattle Winners

  • 2012-reserve-grand-champion-heifer-supreme-champion-aob-heifer-branch-county-fair-courtney-blonde
    Reserve Grand Champion Heifer :: Supreme Champion AOB Heifer
    2012 Branch County Fair
    Shown By: Courtney Blonde
  • 12-grand-champ-market-steer-putnam-county-chelsea-warnimont
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Putnam County Jr. Fair
    Shown By: Chelsea Warnimont
  • 12-grand-champ-market-steer-jefferson-county-branden-defrank
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Jefferson County Fair
    Shown By: Branden Defrank
  • 12-supreme-champion-heifer-tuscola-county-fair-danielle-wood-seddon
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2012 Tuscola County Fair
    Shown By: Danielle Wood-Seddon
  • 12-grand-champion-dairy-steer-champion-rate-of-gain-jasper-county-fair-savannah-steinke
    Grand Champion Dairy Steer :: Champion Rate of Gain
    2012 Jasper County Fair
    Shown By: Savannah Steinke
  • 12-reserve-grand-champion-market-steer-grand-champion-born-and-raised-jackson-county-fair-macie-ludtke
    Reserve Champion Market Steer :: Grand Champion Born & Raised
    2012 Jackson County Fair
    Shown By: Macie Ludtke
  • 12-supreme-champion-prebred-heifer-madison-county-fair-macy-burchett
    Supreme Champion Purebred
    2012 Madison County Fair
    Shown By: Macy Burchett
  • 12-supreme-champion-heifer-iorquois-county-fair-taylor-talbert
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2012 Iroquois County Fair
    Shown By: Taylor Talbert
  • 12-grand-champion-market-steer-branch-county-fair-jalen-boes
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Branch County Fair
    Shown By: Jalen Boes
  • 12-supreme-champion-heifer-noble-county-fair-karly-kirkpatrick
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2012 Noble County Fair
    Shown By: Karly Kirkpatrick
  • 12-grand-champion-market-steer-adas-county-fair-audra-nussbaum
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Adams County Fair
    Shown By: Audra Nussbaum
  • 12-grand-champion-market-steer-frankling-county-fair
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Franklin County Fair
    Shown By: Clay Stirn
  • 12-reserve-grand-champion-shorthorn-steer-overall-oca-best-program-taylor-morbitzer
    Reserve Grand Champion Shorthorn Steer Overall
    2012 OCA BEST Program
    Shown By: Taylor Morbitzer
  • 12-grand-champion-market-steer-st-joe-county-fair-stuart-schmeltz
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 St. Joe County Fair
    Shown By: Stuart Schmeltz
  • 12-grand-champion-dairy-feeder-calf-brown-county-fair-shelby-becraft
    Grand Champion Dairy Feeder Calf
    2012 Brown County Fair
    Shown By: Shelby Becraft
  • 12-supreme-champion-heifer-st-joseph-county-fair-jacob-farrer
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2012 St. Joseph County Fair
    Shown By: Jacob Farrer
  • 12-grand-champion–market-steer-northland-classic-and-big-4-fair-chelsea-bullerman
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Northland Classic & Big 4 Fair
    Shown By: Chelsea Bullerman
  • 2012-supreme-champion-heifer-butler-county-fair-wally-minges
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2012 Butler County Fair
    Shown By: Wally Minges
  • 2012-supreme-champion-heifer-jefferson-county-fair-hope-wehner
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2012 Jefferson County Fair
    Shown By: Hope Wehner
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-fulton-county-fair-emily-herring
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Fulton County Fair
    Shown By: Emily Herring
  • 2012-supreme-champion-junior-heifer-allen-county-fair-carley-kenseth
    Supreme Champion Junior Heifer
    2012 Allen County Fair
    Shown By: Carley Kenseth
  • 2012-grand-champion-steer-randolph-county-fair-allison-baldwin
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Randolph County Fair
    Shown By: Allison Baldwin
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-pulaski-county-fair-jodan-kolish
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Pulaski County Fair
    Shown By: Jordan Kolish
  • 2012-grand-champion–market-steer-james-flach-memorial-day-show-jordan–breedlove
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 James Flach Memorial Day Show
    Shown By: Jordan Breedlove
  • 2012-grand-champion-hot-shot-classic-christina-norman
    Grand Champion
    2012 Hot Shot Classic
    Shown By: Christina Norman
  • 2012-supreme-champion-heifer-newton-county-fair-austin-berenda
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2012 Newton County Fair
    Shown By: Austin Berenda
  • 2012-grand-champion-dairy-feeder-calf-lenawee-county-fair-vernae-hillard
    Grand Champion Dairy Feeder Calf
    2012 Lenawee County Fair
    Shown By: Vernae Hillard
  • 2012-supreme-champion-hereford-heifer-calf-north-central-angus-show-land-sautter
    Champion Hereford Heifer Calf
    2012 North Central Angus Show
    Shown By: Lane Sautter
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-geauga-county-fair-mike-wargo
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Geauga County Fair
    Shown By: Mike Wargo
  • 2012-supreme-champion-heifer-st-joseph-county-fair-wyatt-cool
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2012 St. Joseph County Fair
    Shown By: Wyatt Cool
  • 2012-grand-champion-feeder-calf-mason-county-fair-rebekah-dunham
    Grand Champion Feeder Calf
    2012 Mason County Fair
    Shown By: Rebekah Dunham
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-grand-county-fair-burr-worl
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Grant County Fair
    Shown By: Burr World
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-benton-county-fair-amber-sparenberg
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Benton County Fair
    Shown By: Amber Sparenberg
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-orange-county-fair-whitney-holsapple
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Orange County Fair
    Shown By: Whitney Holsapple
  • 2012-supreme-champion-heifer-adams-county-fair-brad-greend
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2012 Adams County Fair
    Shown By: Brad Green
  • 2012-supreme-champion-heifer-jay-county-fair-kyle-garringer
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2012 Jay County Fair
    Shown By: Kyle Garringer
  • 2012-reserve-champion-heifer-jay-county-fair-tucker-pearson
    Reserve Champion Heifer
    2012 Jay County Fair
    Shown By: Tucker Pearson
  • 2012-supreme-champion-heifer-pennsylvania-angus-breeders-jr-and-open-show-billy-bowers
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2012 Pennsylvania Angus Breeders Junior & Open Show
    Shown By: Billy Bowers
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-crawford-county-fair-jessica-millenbaugh
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Crawford County Fair
    Shown By: Jessica Millenbaugh
  • 2012-grand-champion-born-and-raised-steer-adams-county-fair-alana-nussbaum
    Grand Champion Born and Raised Steer
    2012 Adams County Fair
    Shown By: Alana Nussbaum
  • 2012-supreme-champion-heifer-guernsey-county-fair-mackenzie-smith
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2012 Guernsey County Fair
    Shown By: Mackenzie Smith
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-medina-county-fair-emily-klotzscne
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Medina County Fair
    Shown By: Emily Klotzscne
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-macon-county-fair-kaitlyn-anderson
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Macon County Fair
    Shown By: Kaitlyn Anderson
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-Steer-isabella-county-fair-colt-johnson
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Isabella County Fair
    Shown By: Colt Johnson
  • 2012-grand-champion-dairy-steer-kosciusko-county-fair-jared-templin
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Kosciusko County Fair
    Shown By: Jared Templin
  • 2012-grand-champion-makret-steer-gallia-county-fair-mariah-hill
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Gallia County Fair
    Shown By: Mariah Hill
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-ford-and-will-county-fair-taylor-braasch
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Ford & Will County Fair
    Shown By: Taylor Braasch
  • 2012-grand-champion-dairy-steer-noble-county-preview-show-jake-templin
    Grand Champion Dairy Steer
    2012 Noble County Preview Show
    Shown By: Jared Templin
  • 2012-supreme-champion-heifer-marshall-county-fair-chase-laudeman
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2012 Marshall County Fair
    Shown By: Chase Laudeman
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-monroe-county-fair-kordell-antill
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Monroe County Fair
    Shown By: Kordell Antill
  • 2012-grand-champion-county-born-and-bred-market-steer-harrison-county-fair-christopher-saulman
    Grand Champion County Born & Bred Market Steer
    2012 Harrison County Fair
    Shown By: Christopher Saulman
  • 2012-supreme-champion-4h-and-ffa-heifer-meade-county-fair-cody-haught
    Supreme Champion 4-H & FFA Heifer
    2012 Meade County Fair
    Shown By: Cody Haught
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-harrison-county-fair-tyler-shewmaker
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Harrison County Fair
    Shown By: Tyler Shewmaker
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-dodge-county-fair-emily-brual
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Dodge County Fair
    Shown By: Emily Brual
  • 2012-supreme-champion-replacement-heifer-jackson-county-fair-sydney-sayre
    Supreme Champion Replacement Heifer
    2012 Jackson County Fair
    Shown By: Sydney Sayre
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-muskingum-county-fair-toby-neptune
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Muskingum County Fair
    Shown By: Toby Neptune
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-highland-county-fair-larkyn-parry
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Highland County Fair
    Shown By: Larkyn Parry
  • 2012-grand-champion-feeder-calf-lawrence-county-fair-chad-morris
    Grand Champion Feeder Calf
    2012 Lawrence County Fair
    Shown By: Chad Morris
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-athens-county-fair-audrey-ross
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Athens County Fair
    Shown By: Audrey Ross
  • 2012-supreme-champion-heifer-lake-county-fair-garrett-corning
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2012 Lake County Fair
    Shown By: Garrett Corning
  • 2012-grand-and-reserve-champion-dairy-beef-steer-lagrange-county-fair-hannah-myers
    Grand & Reserve Champion Dairy Beef Steer
    2012 LaGrange County Fair
    Shown By: Hannah Myers
  • 2012-reserve-champion-overall-maine-anjou-steer-beef-expo-breanne-gabriel
    Reserve Champion Overall Maine Anjou Steer
    2012 Beef Expo
    Shown By: Breanna Gabriel
  • 12-grand-champ-market-steer-daviess-county-stacey-beard
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Daviess County Fair
    Shown By: Stacey Beard
  • 2012-grand-and-reserve-market-steer-lagrange-county-fair-lexi-myers
    Grand & Reserve Champion Market Steer
    2012 LaGrange County Fair
    Shown By: Lexi Myers
  • 12-grand-champ-market-steer-union-county-dustin-kuhlwein
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Union County Fair
    Shown By: Dustin Kuhlwein
  • 12-supreme-champ-heifer-pulaski-county-jacob-frasa
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2012 Pulaski County Fair
    Shown By: Jacob Frasa
  • 12-grand-champ-market-steer-buckeye-hereford-preview-show-cody-wright
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Buckeye Hereford Preview Show
    Shown By: Cody Wright
  • 12-grand-champ-market-steer-westmoreland-county-joe-espey
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Westmoreland County Fair
    Shown By: Joe Espey
  • 12-grand-champ-market-steer-fairfield-county-cayla-goodman
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Fairfield County Fair
    Shown By: Cayla Goodman
  • 12-supreme-champ-heifer-brown-county-derek-sounder
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2012 Brown County Fair
    Shown By: Derek Souder
  • 12-high-selling-shorthorn
    2012 Iowa Beef Expo
    Shown By: High Selling Shorthorn Bull
  • 12-grand-champion-dairy-steer-indiana-state-fair-melissa-smoker
    Grand Champion Dairy Steer
    2012 Indiana State Fair
    Shown By: Melissa Smoker
  • 12-grand-steer-hoosier-beef-congress-chloe-martin
    Grand Champion Steer
    2012 Hoosier Beef Congress, Heart of it All, and Scarlet & Gray Rings A&B
    Shown By: Chloe Martin
  • 2012-reserve-grand-champion-steer-michigan-livestock-expo-nick-stutzman
    Reserve Grand Champion Steer
    2012 Michigan Livestock Expo
    Shown By: Nick Stutzman
  • reserve-grand-champion-market-steer-shorthorn-jr-nationals-justin-shonkwiler
    Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Shorthorn Jr. Nationals
    Shown By: Justin Shonkwiler
  • 2012-supreme-champion-heifer-calf-tennessee-state-fair-peyton-williams
    Supreme Champion Heifer Calf
    2012 Tennessee State Fair
    Shown By: Peyton Williams
  • 2012-grand-champion-born-and-raised-steer-PA-angus-breeders-show-adrianna-spangler
    Grand Champion Born & Raised Steer
    2012 Pennsylvania Angus Breeders Show
    Shown By: Adrianna Spangler
  • 2012-reserve-champion-shorthorn-heifer-indiana-state-fair-open-show-kenzie-kretzmeier
    Reserve Champion Shorthorn Heifer
    2012 Indiana State Fair
    Shown By: Kenzie Kretzmeier
  • 2012-champion-division-heifer-indiana-state-fair-sam-lawrence
    Champion Division Heifer
    2012 Indiana State Fair
    Shown By: Sam Lawrence
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-SEMO-district-fair-gavin-seyer
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 SEMO District Fair
    Shown By: Gavin Seyer
  • 2012-supreme-champion-shorthorn-5th-overall-female-illinois-state-fair-maddey-tebbe
    5th Overall Female :: Supreme Champion Shorthorn
    2012 Illinois State Fair
    Shown By: Maddey Tebbe
  • 2012-grand-champion-bull-SEMO-district-fair-collin-schabbing
    Grand Champion Bull
    2012 SEMO District Fair
    Shown By: Collin Schabbing
  • 2012-champion-hereford-market-steer-ohio-state-fair-ohio-beef-expo-ohio-best-champion-christina-norman
    Champion Hereford Market Steer
    2012 Ohio State Fair, Ohio Beef Expo, Ohio Best Champion
    Shown By: Christina Norman
  • 2012-champion-hereford-heifer-calf-duquoin-state-fair-devan-vandeveer
    Champion Hereford Heifer Calf
    2012 Duqoin State Fair
    Shown By: Devan Vandeveer
  • 2012-reserve-champion-hereford-steer-indiana-state-fair-jill-vandewalle
    Reserve Champion Hereford Steer
    2012 Indiana State Fair
    Shown By: Jill Vandewalle
  • 2012-champion-hereford-heifer-duqoin-state-fair-brooke-vandeveer
    Champion Hereford Heifer
    2012 Duqoin State Fair
    Shown By: Brooke Vandeveer
  • 2012-champion-simmental-bull-indiana-state-fair-stetson–bennett
    Champion Simmental Bull
    2012 Indiana State Fair
    Shown By: Stetson Bennett
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-north-caolina-mountain-state-fair
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 North Carolina Mountain State Fair
    Shown By: Isaac Wallace
  • 2012-5th-overall-steer-champion-maine-steer-indiana-state-fair-emily-greenwalt
    5th Overall :: Champion Maine Steer
    2012 Indiana State Fair
    Shown By: Emily Greenwalt
  • 2012-champion-heiereford-heifer-indiana-state-fair-dylan-kottkamp
    Champion Hereford Heifer
    2012 Indiana State Fair
    Shown By: Dylan Kottkamp
  • 2012-reserve-champion-red-angus-heifer-north-caolina-state-fair-michala-j-muse
    Reserve Champion Red Angus Heifer
    2012 North Carolina State Fair
    Shown By: Michala J. Muse
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-steer-north-carolina-state-fair-bill-jones
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 North Carolina State Fair
    Shown By: Bill Jones
  • 2012-premier-exhibitor-hereford-junior-national-expo-emilee-kottkamp
    Premier Exhibitor
    2012 Hereford Jr. National Expo
    Shown By: Emilee Kottkamp
  • 2012-reserve-grand-champion-steer-eastern-states-exposition-tanner-francis
    Reserve Grand Champion Steer
    2012 Eastern States Exposition
    Shown By: Tanner Francis
  • 2012-reserve-champion-bull-tennessee-state-fair-roger-mattingly
    Reserve Champion Bull
    2012 Tennessee State Fair
    Shown By: Roger Mattingly
  • 2012-reserve-champion-foundation-simmental-heifer-minnesotate-state-fair
    Reserve Champion Foundation Simmental Heifer
    2012 Minnesota State Fair
    Shown By: Michael Brual
  • 2012-reserve-champion-santa-gertrudis-indiana-state-fair-cody-mattingly
    Reserve Champion Santa Gertrudis
    2012 Indiana State Fair
    Shown By: Cody Mattingly
  • 2012-supreme-champion-cow-calf-indiana-junior-polled-hereford-show-stephanie-camden
    Supreme Champion Cow/Calf Pair
    2012 Indiana Junior Polled Hereford Show
    Shown By: Stephanie Camden
  • 2012-supreme-champion-cow-calf-indiana-open-polled-hereford-show-eric-camden
    Supreme Champion Cow/Calf Pair
    2012 Indiana Open Polled Hereford Show
    Shown By: Eric Camden
  • 12-grand-champion-steer-hoosier-beef-congress-chloe-martin
    Grand Champion Steer
    2012 Hoosier Beef Congress
    Shown By: Chloe Martin
  • 12-reserve-grand-champion-steer-hoosier-beef-congress-austin-irvin
    Reserve Grand Champion Steer
    2012 Hoosier Beef Congress
    Shown By: Austin Irvin
  • 12-shorthorn-division-champ-indiana-state-fair-hayden-berenda
    Shorthorn Division Champion
    2012 Indiana State Fair
    Shown By: Hayden Berenda
  • 12-res-champ-feeder-steer-NC-state-madison-boyd
    Reserve Champion Feeder Steer
    2012 North Carolina State Fair
    Shown By: Madison Boyd
  • 12-supreme-champ-bred-and-owned-heifer-kentucky-state-alex-richardson
    Supreme Champion Bred and Owned Heifer
    2012 Kentucky State Fair
    Shown By: Alex Richardson
  • 12-reserve-champion-hereford-heifer-michigan-winter-classic-kelsey-steketee
    Reserve Champion Hereford Heifer
    2012 Michigan Winter Classic
    Shown By: Kelsey Steketee
  • 12-supreme-champ-shorthorn-heifer-NC-state-melinda-boyd
    Supreme Champion Shorthorn Heifer
    2012 North Carolina State Fair
    Shown By: Melinda Boyd
  • 12-res-grand-champ-percentage-lowline-heifer-world-beef-expo-tucker-marrs
    Reserve Grand Champion Percentage Lowline Heifer
    2012 World Beef Expo
    Shown By: Tucker Marrs
  • 12-res-grand-champ-feeder-calf-NC-mountain-state-kelsi-carwright
    Reserve Grand Champion Feeder Calf
    2012 North Carolina Mountain State Fair
    Shown By: Kelsi Cartwright
  • 12-grand-champ-dair-calf-huron-county-jeremiah-adams
    Grand Champion Dairy Calf
    2012 Huron County Fair
    Shown By: Jeremiah Adams
  • 12-res-grand-cham-market-steer-ohio-state-grand-champ-ohio-beef-expo-mackenzie-fruchey
    Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Holmes County Fair
    Shown By: Mackenzie Fruchey
  • 12-grand-champ-belted-galloway-steer-naile-allie-abney
    Grand Champion Belted Galloway Steer
    2012 Junior & Open NAILE
    Shown By: Allie Abney
  • 12-grand-champ-purebred-heifer-indiana-state-simmental-show-justin-frasa
    Grand Champion Purebred Heifer
    2012 Indiana State Simmental Show
    Shown By: Justin Frasa
  • 12-grand-champ-market-steer-holmes-county-jallyn-gauque
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2012 Holmes County Fair
    Shown By: Jallyn Gauque
  • 12-grand-champ-hereford-steer-illinois-state-open-show-taylor-donelson
    Grand Champion Hereford Show
    2012 Illinois State Fair Open Show
    Shown By: Taylor Donelson