2012 Hog Winners

  • 11-champ-duroc-trophies
    Congratulations on all of your accomplishments!
    Shown By: Christine Todd
  • 12-reserve-supreme-market-hog-hartford-county-fair-mackenzie-dore
    Reserve Supreme Market Hog
    2012 Hartford County Fair
    Shown By: MacKenzie Dore
  • 12-grand-champion-barrow-johnson-county-fair-caleb-reed
    Grand Champion Barrow
    2012 Johnson County Fair
    Shown By: Caleb Reed
  • 12-grand-champion-carcass-barrow-noble-county-fair-konner-kirkpatrick
    Grand Champion Carcass
    2012 Noble County Fair
    Shown By: Konner Kirkpatrick
  • 2012-grand-champion-market-hog-meade-county-fair-caleb-thomas
    Grand Champion Market Hog
    2012 Meade County Fair
    Shown By: Caleb Thomas
  • 2012-grand-champion-purebred-gilt-and-grand-champion-crossbred-barrow-riley-donelson
    Grand Champion Purebred gilt
    Shown By: Riley Donelson
  • 2012-grand-champion-gilt-putname-county-fair-raegan-bowling
    Grand Champion Gilt
    2012 Putnam County Fair
    Shown By: Raegan Bowling
  • 2012-grand-champion-barrow-lagrange-county-fair-chandra-slone
    Grand Champion Barrow
    2012 LaGrange County Fair
    Shown By: Chandra Slone
  • 12-grand-champ-gilt-jackson-county-jada-baker
    Grand Champion Gilt
    2012 Jackson County Fair
    Shown By: Jada Baker
  • 12-grand-champ-com-gilt-rough-river-meade-county-lydia-richardson
    Grand Champion Commercial Gilt
    2012 Rough River District Show
    Shown By: Lydia Richardson
  • 12-champion-duroc-barrow-ffa-section-9-fair-christine-todd-edited
    Reserve Grand Champion Overall Land of Lincoln Barrow
    2012 Illinois State Fair
    Shown By: Christine Todd
  • 12-champ-spot-barrow-ffa-section-9-fair-christine-todd-edited
    Reserve Champion Spot Barrow
    2012 Illinois State Fair
    Shown By: Christine Todd
  • grand-champion-overall-gilt-hi-point-jackpot-chrstine-todd
    Grand Champion Overall Gilt
    2012 Hi Point Jackpot
    Shown By: Christine Todd
  • 2012-grand-champion-barrow-national-barrow-show-maddi-butler
    Grand Champion Barrow
    2012 National Barrow Show
    Shown By: Maddi Butler
  • 2012-supreme-champion-market-gilt-wisoncsin-state-fair-bader-classic-tj-doherty
    Supreme Champion Market Gilt
    2012 Wisconsin State Fair
    Shown By: TJ Doherty
  • 2012-champion-hampshire-barrow-wisconsin-state-fair-elysa-doherty
    Champion Hampshire Barrow
    2012 Wisconsin State Fair
    Shown By: Elysa Doherty
  • 2012-champion-hereford-barrow-indiana-state-fair-shalee-daming
    Champion Hereford Barrow
    2012 Indiana State Fair
    Shown By: Shalee Daming
  • 12-class-winner-wpx-christine-todd-edited
    3rd Overall Spot Barrow
    2012 WPX
    Shown By: Christine Todd
  • 12-class-winner-13-out-of-25-shows-cristine-todd-icpa-circuit-shows
    Class Winner 13 out of 15 Shows
    2012 ICPA
    Shown By: Christine Todd
  • 12-class-winner-11-of-15-icpa-circuit-show-christine-todd-edited
    5th Overall Spot Gilt
    2012 Team Purebred Summer Conference
    Shown By: Christine Todd
  • 12-4-res-champ-poland-barrow-icpa-christine-todd-edited
    4th Overall Poland Barrow
    2012 WPX
    Shown By: Christine Todd
  • 13-grand-barrow-indiana-state-fair-cole-wilcox
    Grand Champion Barrow
    2012 Indiana State Fair
    Shown By: Cole Wilcox