2013 Cattle Winners

  • 14-1st Place Class 7 – Hoosier Beef Congress-Bailey Rist
    1st Place - Class 7
    2013 Hoosier Beef Congress
    Shown By: BAILEY RIST
  • 13-champion-division-1-calf-champion-NAILE-layne-sanders
    Champion Division 1 Calf Champion
    2013 NAILE
    Shown By: Layne Sanders
  • 13-champion-high-maine-female-naile-lexi-wright
    Champion High Maine Female
    2013 NAILE
    Shown By: Lexi Wright
  • 13-reserve-champion-pen-of-3-feeder-steers-naile-feicthner-family
    Reserve Champion Pen of Three
    2013 NAILE
    Shown By: Feicthner Family
  • 13-champion-simmental-heifer-west-virginai-state-fair-lindsey-miller
    Champion Simmental Heifer
    2013 West Virginia State Fair
    Shown By: Linsey Miller
  • 13-reserve-champion-heifer-north-carolina-state-fair-melinda-boyd
    Reserve Champion Heifer
    2013 North Carolina State Fair
    Shown By: Melinda Boyd
  • 13-division-champion-heifer-ohio-state-fair-mallory-peter
    Division Champion Heifer
    2013 Ohio State Fair
    Shown By: Mallory Peter
  • 13-division-1-champion-hereford-heifer-indiana-state-fair-luke-dixon
    Division 1 Champion Hereford Heifer
    2013 Indiana State Fair
    Shown By: Luke Dixon
  • 13-champion-hereford-steer-ohio-state-fair-maverick-pugh
    Champion Hereford Steer
    2013 Ohio State Fair
    Shown By: Maverick Pugh
  • 13-reserve-champion-commercial-heifer-north-caroina-state-fair-madison-boyd
    Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer
    2013 North Carolina State Fair
    Shown By: Madison Boyd
  • 13-champion-shorthorn-plus-bull-michigan-beef-showcase-paige-youdes
    Champion Shorthorn Plus Bull
    2013 Michigan Beef Showcase
    Shown By: Paige Youdes
  • 13-reserve-division-champion-bull-national-limmousin-show-zach-milam
    Reserve Division Champion Bull
    2013 National Limousin Show
    Shown By: Zach Milam
  • 13-champion-division-shorthorn-heifer-illinois-state-fair-nathaniel-fanning
    Champion Division Shorthorn Heifer
    2013 Illinois State Fair
    Shown By: Nathaniel Fanning
  • 13-champion-market-heifer-minnesota-state-fair-spencer-wangen
    Champion Market Heifer
    2013 Minnesota State Fair
    Shown By: Spencer Wangen
  • 13-grand-champion-pre-junior-prospect-steer-grand-champion-open-prospect-steer-naile-mini-hereford-show-jordan-landin
    Grand Champion Pre-Junior Prospect Steer, Grand Champion Open Prospect Steer
    2013 NAILE Mini-Hereford Show
    Shown By: Jordan Landin
  • 13-division-champion-maintainer-naile-austin-berenda
    Division Champion Maintainer
    2013 NAILE
    Shown By: Austin Berenda
  • 13-champion-north-carolina-born-and-raised-steer-north-carolina-state-fair-katy-gibson
    Champion North Carolina Bred & Raised
    2013 North Carolina State Fair
    Shown By: Katy Gibson
  • 13-reserve-champion-bred-and-owned-angus-national-jr-angus-show-lindsey-pugh
    Reserve Champion Bred & Owned Angus
    2013 National Jr. Angus Show
    Shown By: Lindsey Pugh
  • 13-reserve-champion-chianna-steer-dinaia-state-fair-grand-champion-steer-steuben-county-fair-harper-henney
    Reserve Champion Chianina Steer
    2013 Indiana State Fair
    Shown By: Harper Henney
  • 13-supreme-champion-heifer-amercian-royal-adam-acmoody
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2013 American Royal
    Shown By: Adam AcMoody
  • 13-supreme-champion-heifer-ohio-state-fair-addison-jones
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2013 Ohio State Fair
    Shown By: Addison Jones
  • 13-champion-percental-simmental-female-naile-tyler-adcock
    Champion Percentage Seimmental Female
    2013 NAILE
    Shown By: Tyler Adcock
  • 13-champion-simmental-female-naile-megan-reed
    Champion Simmental Female
    2013 NAILE
    Shown By: Megan Reed
  • photo-coming-soon
    Class 8 Winner
    2013 Logan County 4-H/FFA Steer Show
    Shown By: Caroline Milam
  • photo-coming-soon
    Grand Champion
    2013 Franklin County Fair
    Shown By: Trevor Reiboldt
  • photo-coming-soon
    Champion Shorthorn, Grand Champion Steer
    2013 Clay County 4-H Fair
    Shown By: Hayden Smith
  • photo-coming-soon
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2013 Cass County 4-H Beef Show
    Shown By: Paige Longstreth
  • 13-reserve-grand-champion-steer-monroe-county-beef-show-baylee-allen
    Reserve Grand Champion Steer
    2013 Monroe County Beef Show
    Shown By: Baylee Allen
  • 13-reserve-grand-limflex-female-heartland-regional-jr-limousin-show
    Reserve Grand LimFlex Female
    2013 Heartland Regional Jr. Limousin Show
    Shown By: Owned by: Carly Henderson
  • 13-grand-champion-oakland-county-fair-tara-wilson
    Grand Champion
    2013 Oakland County Fair
    Shown By: Tara Wilson
  • 13-grand-champion-dairy-steer-tuscola-county-fair-danielle-wood-seddon
    Grand Champion Dairy Steer
    2013 Tuscola County Fair
    Shown By: Danielle Wood-Seddon
  • 13-grand-champion-feeder-steer-cabell-county-fair-zachary-call
    Grand Champion Feeder Steer
    2013 Cabell County Fair
    Shown By: Zachary Call
  • 13-4x-champion-1x-reserve-overall-lim-flex
    4x Champion Lim-Flex, 1x Reserve Overall Lim-Flex
    2013 Summer Shows
    Shown By: Dakota Rapp
  • 13-grand-champion-market-beef-boone-county-fair-dakota-rapp
    Grand Champion Market Beef
    2013 Boone County Fair
    Shown By: Dakota Rapp
  • 13-crossbred-class-winner-logan-county-fair-brandon-hickey
    Crossbred Class Winner
    2013 Logan County Fair
    Shown By: Brandon Hickey
  • 13-grand-champion-heifer-shorthorn-newton-county-fair-hayden-berenda
    Grand Champion Heifer-Shorthorn
    2013 Newton County Fair
    Shown By: Hayden Berenda
  • 13-supreme-heifer-benton-county-4h-fair-hayley-musser
    Supreme Heifer
    2013 Benton County 4-H Fair
    Shown By: Hayley Musser
  • 13-grand-champion-market-steer-champion-chianina-jasper-county-4h-beef-show-ashley-peterson
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2013 Jasper County 4-H Beef Show
    Shown By: Ashley Peterson
  • 13-reserve-champion-heifer-souther-kentucky-district-show-kalli-flanders
    Reserve Champion Heifer
    2013 Southern Kentucky District Show
    Shown By: Kalli Flanders
  • 13-champion-market-steer-mescoat-count-fair-jordan-carrick
    Champion Market Steer
    2013 Mescoat County Fair, MI
    Shown By: Jordan Carrick
  • 13-grand-champion-steer-monroe-county-fair-fairin-smith
    Grand Champion Steer
    2013 Monroe County Fair
    Shown By: Fairin Smith
  • 13-grand-champion-market-steer-huron-county-jr-fair-lauren-ott
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2013 Huron County Fair Jr. Beef Show
    Shown By: Lauren Ott
  • 13-champion-dairy-feeder-fairfield-county-fair-kaitlin-kull
    Champion Dairy Feeder
    2013 Fairfield County Fair
    Shown By: Kaitlin Kull
  • 13-champion-heier-menard-county-fair-jordan-breedlove
    Champion Heifer
    2013 Menard County Fair, IL
    Shown By: Jordan Breedlove
  • 13-champion-beef-heifer-lenawee-county-fair-lucas-halsey
    Champion Beef Heifer
    2013 Lenawee County Fair, MI
    Shown By: Lucas Halsey
  • 13-grand-champion-supreme-heifer-marion-county-jr-fair-breeding-show-joey-crawford
    Grand Champion Supreme Heifer
    2013 Marion County Jr. Fair Breeding Show
    Shown By: Joey Crawford
  • 13-champion-beef-feeder-defiance-county-fair-maggie-pollard
    Champion Beef Feeder
    2013 Defiance County Fair, OH
    Shown By: Maggie Pollard
  • 13-champion-heifer-doge-county-michael-brual
    Champion Heifer
    2013 Dodge County, MN
    Shown By: Michael Brual
  • 13-supreme-champion-female-madison-county-fair-jack-champer
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2013 Madison County Fair
    Shown By: Jack Champer
  • 13-supreme-heifer-middle-of-mitten-show-morgan-bolinger
    Supreme Heifer
    2013 Middle of Mitten Show, MI
    Shown By: Morgan Bolinger
  • 13-champion-dairy-feeder-lenawee-county-miley-phillips
    Champion Dairy Feeder
    2013 Lenawee County, MI
    Shown By: Miley Phillips
  • 13-grand-champion-steer-mercer-county-jr-fair-katie-snyder
    Grand Champion Steer
    2013 Mercer County Jr. Fair
    Shown By: Katie Snyder
  • 13-champion-angus-heifer-wnc-jr-beef-spring-fling-peyton-williams
    Champion Angus Heifer
    2013 WNC Jr. Beef Spring Fling, NC
    Shown By: Peyton Williams
  • 13-reserve-champion-maintainer-heifer-keystone-livestock-show-sami-korns
    Reserve Champion Maintainer Heifer
    2013 Keystone Livestock Show
    Shown By: Sami Korns
  • 13-grand-champion-feeder-heifer-lawrence-county-fair-uriah-cade
    Grand Champion Feeder Heifer
    2013 Lawrence County Fair
    Shown By: Uriah Cade
  • 13-champion-breeding-heifer-jay-county-tucker-pearson
    Champion Breeding Heifer
    2013 Jay County Fair, IN
    Shown By: Tucker Pearson
  • 13-champion-heifer-noble-county-fair-taylor-west
    Champion Heifer
    2013 Noble County Fair, IN
    Shown By: Taylor West
  • 13-grand-champion-market-steer-lawrence-county-fair-4h-and-ffa-show-noah-lambert
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2013 Lawrence County Fair 4-H & FFA Show
    Shown By: Noah Lambert
  • 13-reserve-champion-steer-randolph-county-fair-sydney-balwin
    Reserve Champion Steer
    2013 Randolph County Fair, IN
    Shown By: Sydney Balwin
  • 13-champion-lightweight-steer-greene-county-fair-trent-wolen
    Champion Lightweight Steer
    2013 Greene County Fair, IA
    Shown By: Trent Wolen
  • 13-grand-champion-breeding-heifer-lawrence-county-fair-markie-norris
    Grand Champion Breeding Heifer
    2013 Lawrence County Fair
    Shown By: Markie Norris
  • 13-supreme-champion–heifer-msu-blue-and-gold-jackpot-taylor-hobss
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2013 MSU Blue & Gold Jackpot
    Shown By: Taylor Hobbs
  • 13-champion-feeder-calf-wyandot-county-fair-zach-altvader
    Champion Feeder Calf
    2013 Wyandot County Fair, OH
    Shown By: Zach Altvader
  • 13-Champion-Heavy-Weight-Steer-Winneshiek-County-Fair-Ryan-Bullerman
    Champion Heavy Weight Steer
    2013 Winneshiek County Fair
    Shown By: Ryan Bullerman
  • 13-champion-market-steer-gradiot-county-fair-taylor-bolinger
    Champion Market Steer
    2013 Gradiot County Fair, MI
    Shown By: Taylor Bolinger
  • 13-Grand-Champion-Steer-Winneshiek-County-Fair-Chelsea-Bullerman
    Grand Champion Steer
    2013 Winneshiek County Fair
    Shown By: Chelsea Bullerman
  • 13-grand-champion-steer-northlan-classic-ryan-bullerman
    Grand Champion Steer
    2013 Northland Classic
    Shown By: Ryan Bullerman
  • 13-grand-champion-dairy-steer-jasper-county-fair-savannah-steinke
    Grand Champion Steer
    2013 Jasper County Fair
    Shown By: Savannah Steinke
  • 13-grand-champion-steer-putnam-county-fair-tyler-lotz
    Grand Champion Steer
    2013 Putnam County Fair
    Shown By: Tyler Lotz
  • 13-grand-champion-market-steer-jefferson-county-fair-market-steer-show-branden-defrank
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2013 Jefferson County Fair Market Steer Show
    Shown By: Branden Defrank
  • 13-grand-champion-steer-graitot-county-fair-taylor-bolinger
    Grand Champion Steer
    2013 Graitot County Fair
    Shown By: Taylor Bolinger
  • 13-grand-champion-market-beef-steer-st-joseph-county-fair-cole-decker
    Grand Champion Market Beef Steer
    2013 St. Joseph County Fair
    Shown By: Cole Decker
  • 13-overall-beef-breeding-supreme-champion-gallia-county-jr-fair-josie-vanco
    Overall Beef Breeding Supreme Champion
    2013 Gallia County Jr. Fair
    Shown By: Josie Vanco
  • 13-grand-champion-steer-southern-illinois-jr-angus-association-derk-ochs
    Grand Champion Steer
    2013 Southern Illinois Jr. Angus Association
    Shown By: Derek Ochs
  • 13-grand-champion-market-steer-hancock-county-fair-lauren-burner
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2013 Hancock County Fair
    Shown By: Lauren Burner
  • 13-champion-pure-bred-steer-bedford-county-fair-jenna-siegel
    Champion Pure Bred Steer
    2013 Bedford County Fair
    Shown By: Jenna Siegel
  • 13-grand-champion-dairy-steer-and-rate-of-gain-clay-county-fair-blake-johnson
    Grand Champion Steer and Rate of Gain
    2013 Clay County Fair
    Shown By: Blake Johnson
  • 13-grand-champion-replacement-heifer-mason-county-richard-haga
    Grand Champion Replacement Heifer
    2013 Mason County
    Shown By: Richard Haga
  • 13-supreme-female-jefferson-county-fair-izzy-doherty
    Supreme Female
    2013 Jefferson County Fair
    Shown By: Izzy Doherty
  • 13-reserve-steer-wyandot-co-kaden-frey
    Grand Champion Overall
    2013 Wyandot County Fair
    Shown By: Ashton Frey
  • 13-grand-champion-brown-county-4-h-fair-shelby-becraft
    Grand Champion Dairy Steer
    2013 Brown County 4-H Fair
    Shown By: Shelby Becraft
  • 13-grand-champ-market-steer-gallia-co-meghan-call
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2013 Gallia County Jr. Fair
    Shown By: Mehgan Call
  • 13-supreme-champ-heifer-belmont-co-alyssa-betts
    Supreme Champion Heifer
    2013 Belmont County Fair
    Shown By: Alyssa Betts
  • 13-grand-champ-heifer-crawford-co-carley-travis
    Grand Champion Heifer
    2013 Crawford County Fair
    Shown By: Carley Travis
  • 13-grand-champ-market-steer-erie-co-emilie-anderson
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2013 Erie County Fair
    Shown By: Emilie Anderson
  • 13-grand-champ-steer-st-joseph-co-stuart-schmeltz
    Grand Champion Steer
    2013 St. Joseph County Fair
    Shown By: Stuart Schmeltz
  • 13-grand-champ-feedar-calf-grand-champ-overall-beef-belmont-co-eric-dunfee
    Grand Champion Feeder Calf and Grand Champion Overall Beef
    2013 Belmont County Fair
    Shown By: Eric Dunfee
  • 13-grand-champ-steer-dubois-co-cory-hoffman
    Grand Champion Steer
    2013 DuBois County Fair
    Shown By: Cory Hoffman
  • 13-grand-champ-steer-geauga-co-mike-wargo
    Grand Champion Steer
    2013 Geauga County Fair
    Shown By: Mike Wargo
  • 13-best-of-show-steer-ashtabula-co-ryan-johnson
    Best of Show Steer
    2013 Ashtabula County Fair
    Shown By: Ryan Johnson
  • 13-grand-champ-heifer-hamilton-co-luke-herr
    Grand Champion Heifer
    2013 Hamilton County Fair
    Shown By: Luke Herr
  • 13-grand-champ-market-steer-johnson-co-travis-wallen
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2013 Johnson County Fair
    Shown By: Travis Wallen
  • 13-grand-champ-replacement-heifer-jackson-co-jacob-kay
    Grand Champion Replacement Heifer
    2013 Jackson County Junior Fair
    Shown By: Jacob Kay
  • 13-grand-champion-steer-orange-county-4h-fair-bailey-robbins
    Grand Champion Steer
    2013 Orange County 4-H Fair
    Shown By: Bailey Robbins
  • 13-grand-champion-heifer-orange-county-4h-fair-andrew-bailey
    Grand Champion Heifer
    2013 Orange County 4-H Fair
    Shown By: Andrew Bailey
  • 13-grand-champion-steer-jefferson-county-fair-kamille-brawner
    Grand Champion Steer
    2013 Jefferson County Fair
    Shown By: Kamille Brawner
  • 12-grand-champ-aob-market-steer-pa-farm-show-paige-stahl
    Grand Champion AOB Market Steer
    2013 PA State Farm Show
    Shown By: Paige Stahl
  • 13-reserve-grand-champion-market-steer-monroe-county-fair-katelyn-huck
    Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer
    2013 Monroe County Fair
    Shown By: Katelyn Huck
  • 13-champion-division-3-nebraska-state-fair-jace-russman
    Champion Division 3
    2013 Nebraska State Fair
    Shown By: 2013 Nebraska State Fair
  • 13-ef-zelda-division-4-champion-limflex-national-jr-limousin-sho
    Division 4 Champion LimFlex
    2013 National Jr. Limousin Show
    Shown By: EF Zelda
  • 13-grand-champion-steer-monroe-county-fair-madison-huck
    Grand Champion Steer
    2013 Monroe County Fair
    Shown By: Madison Huck
  • 13-overall-steer-champion-state-shorthorn-show-taylor-morbitzer
    Overall Steer Champion
    2013 State Shorthorn Show
    Shown By: Taylor Morbitzer
  • 13-wlr-reload-grand-champion-bull-all-american-limousin-futurity
    Grand Champion Bull
    2013 All American Limousin Futurity
    Shown By: WLR Reload
  • 13-grand-champion-market-steer-isabella-county-fair-ellie-johnson
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2013 Isabella County Fair
    Shown By: Ellie Johnson
  • 13-champion-charolais-and-5th-overall-heifer-indiana-state-fair-trevor-reiboldt
    5th Overall Heifer & Champion Charolais
    2013 Indiana State Fair
    Shown By: Trevor Reiboldt
  • 13-4th-overall-heifer-and-champion-simm-solution-hefier-indiana-state-fair-bryce-hayden
    4th Overall Heifer & Champion Simm Solution Heifer
    2013 Indiana State Fair
    Shown By: Bryce Hayden
  • 13-grand-champion-heifer-lake-county-4h-fair-zach-hayden
    Grand Champion Heifer
    2013 Lake County 4-H Fair
    Shown By: Zach Hayden
  • 13-grand-champion-market-heifer-ohio-state-fair-macie-ott
    Grand Champion Market Heifer
    2013 Ohio State Fair
    Shown By: Macie Ott
  • 13-4th-overall-steer-and-champion-chiania-steer-indiana-state-fair-brooke-hayden
    4th Overall & Champion Chianina Steer
    2013 Indiana State Fair
    Shown By: Brooke Hayden
  • 13-grand-champion-steer-athens-county-fair-hunter-smith
    Grand Champion Steer
    2013 Athens County Fair
    Shown By: Hunter Smith
  • 13-grand-chiania-heifer-chiania-jr-nationals-hayden-family
    Grand Champion Chianina Heifer, 2013 Chianina Jr. Nationals
    2013 Maine Jr. Nationals
    Shown By: Brooke Hayden
  • 13-reserve-grand-champion-limousin-female-missouri-state-fair
    Reserve Grand Champion Limousin Female
    2013 Missouri State Fair
    Shown By: ELCX I Know
  • 13-grand-champion-market-steer-meigs-county-fair-jacob-parker
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2013 Meigs County Fair
    Shown By: Jacob Parker
  • 13-grand-champion-limousin-bull-missouri-state-fair
    Grand Champion Limousin Bull
    2013 Missouri State Fair
    Shown By: WLR Reload
  • 13-reserve-grand-champion-limousin-bull-missouri-state-fair
    Reserve Grand Champion Limousin Bull
    2013 Missouri State Fair
    Shown By: WLR Game of Thrones
  • 13-grand-champion-heifer-meade-county-fair-cody-haught
    Grand Champion Heifer
    2013 Meade County Fair
    Shown By: Cody Haught
  • 13-champion-hereford-steer-illinois-state-fair-emily-ulmer
    Champion Hereford Steer
    2013 Illinois State Fair
    Shown By: Emily Ulmer
  • 13-res-champ-maintainer-heifer-illinois-state-derek-richie
    Reserve Champion Maintainer Heifer
    2013 Illinois State Fair
    Shown By: Derek Richie
  • 13-grand-champion-heifer-hart-county-fair-ashley-hornback
    Grand Champion Heifer
    2013 Hart County Fair
    Shown By: Ashley Hornback
  • 13-champ-simmental-steer-illinois-state-kelsey-richie
    Champion Simmental Steer
    2013 Illinois State Fair
    Shown By: Kelsey Richie
  • 13-3rd-overall-market-heifer-illinois-state-fair-maddey-tebbe
    3rd Overall Market Heifer
    2013 Illinois State Fair
    Shown By: Maddey Tebbe
  • 13-grand-champion-market-steer-hart-county-fair-connor-jaggers
    Grand Champion Market Steer
    2013 Hart County Fair
    Shown By: Connor Jaggers
  • 13-reserve-champion-maintainer-heifer-keystone-livestock-show-sami-korns
    Reserve Champion Maintainer Heifer
    2013 Keystone International Livestock Expo
    Shown By: Sami Korns
  • 13-champ-shorthorn-steer-illinois-state-peyton-richie
    Champion Shorthorn Steer
    2013 Illinois State Fair
    Shown By: Peyton Richie
  • 13-champion-market-heifer-dawson-county-fair-jace-russman
    Champion Market Heifer
    2013 Dawson County Fair
    Shown By: Jace Russman
  • 13-reserve-division-champion-heifer-naile-jessica-jansen
    Reserve Division Champion Heifer
    2013 NAILE
    Shown By: Jessica Jansen
  • 13-champion-land-of-lincoln-shorthorn-heifer-illinois-state-fair-tucker-marrs
    Champion Land of Lincoln Shorthorn Heifer
    2013 Illinois State Fair
    Shown By: Tucker Marrs
  • 13-grand-champion-4h-and-ffa-steer-meade-county-fair-jaycie-barker
    Grand Champion 4-H and FFA Steer
    2013 Meade County Fair
    Shown By: Jaycie Barker
  • 13-champion-charolais-heifer-hoosier-beef-congress-jessica-jansen
    Champion Charolais Heifer
    2013 Hoosier Beef Congress
    Shown By: Jessica Jansen
  • 13-many-time-champion-heifer-ohio-best-program-rachel-conny
    Many Time Champion Heifer
    2013 Ohio BEST Program
    Shown By: Rachel Conny
  • 13-supreme-heifer-pulaski-county-jacob-frasa
    Supreme Heifer
    2013 Pulaski County, IN
    Shown By: Jacoby Frasa
  • 13-champion-senior-division-shorthorn-heifer-illinois-state-fair-zachary-fanning
    Champion Senior Division Shorthorn Heifer
    2013 Illinois State Fair
    Shown By: Zachary Fanning
  • 13-champion-shorthorn-plus-points-steer-ohio-best-program-kaden-frey
    Champion Shorthorn Plus Points Steer
    2013 Ohio BEST Program
    Shown By: Kaden Frey
  • 13-champion-steer-tuscarawas-county-fair-jeffery-murphy
    Champion Steer
    2013 Tuscarawas County Fair, OH
    Shown By: Jeffery Murphy