2013 Goat Winners

  • photo-coming-soon
    Grand Champion Doe
    2013 Clermont County Fair
    Shown By: Maria Thoms
  • 13-grand-champion-market-goat-jackson-county-fair-jada-baker
    Grand Champion Market Goat
    2013 Jackson County Fair
    Shown By: Jada Baker
  • 13-grand-champion-market-goat-allegany-county-fair-johnna-slider
    Grand Champion Market Goat
    2013 Allegany County Fair
    Shown By: Johnna Slider
  • 13-grand-and-supreme-senior-dairy-doe-elkhart-county-fair-brian-pluimer
    Grand & Supreme Senior Dairy Doe
    2013 Elkhart County Fair
    Shown By: Brian Pluimer
  • 13-grand-champion-doe-branch-county-fair-olivia-bracy
    Grand Champion Doe
    2013 Branch County Fair
    Shown By: Olivia Bracy
  • 13-grand-champion-dairy-goat-mercer-county-fair-zachary-forsthoefel
    Grand Champion Dairy Goat
    2013 Mercer County Jr. Fair
    Shown By: Zachary Forsthoefel
  • 13-grand-champion-market-goat-m-eade-county-fair-whitney-fackler
    Grand Champion Market Goat
    2013 Meade County Fair Market Show
    Shown By: Whitney Fackler
  • 13-grand-champion-doe-greene-county-fair-jordan-murdock
    Grand Champion Doe
    2013 Green County Fair
    Shown By: Jordan Murdock
  • 13-grand-champion-market-goat-greene-county-4h-show-christopher-royal
    Grand Champion Market Goat
    2013 Greene County 4-H Show
    Shown By: Christopher Royal
  • 13-grand-champion-commercial-goat-champion-boer-goat-reserve-supreme-doe-motgomery-county-4h-fair-drake-blaydes
    Grand Champion Commercial Goat
    2013 Montgomery County 4-H Fair
    Shown By: Drake Blaydes
  • 13-grand-champion-market-goat-putnam-county-fair-bryce-selhorst
    Grand Champion Market Goat
    2013 Putnam County Fair
    Shown By: Bryce Selhorst
  • 13-grand-champ-doe-jackson-co-carter-hall
    Grand Champion doe
    2013 Jackson County Fair
    Shown By: Carter Hall
  • 13-grand-champ-pygmy-doe-knox-co-diane-hobbs
    Grand Champion Pygmy doe
    2013 Knox County 4-H Fair
    Shown By: Dianne Hobbs
  • 13-grand-champ-market-goat-johnson-co-monika-wallen
    Grand Champion Market goat
    2013 Johnson County Fair
    Shown By: Monika Wallen
  • photo-coming-soon
    Grand Champion Goat
    2013 Lonestar Elite Jackpot
    Shown By: Tate Leatherwood
  • 13-grand-champ-boer-wether-decatur-co-sammi-brewsaugh
    Grand Champion Bower Wether
    2013 Decatur County Fair
    Shown By: Sammi Brewsaugh
  • 13-grand-champion-jr-dairy-doe-elkhart-county-4h-fair
    Grand Champion Jr. Dairy Doe
    2013 Elkhart County 4-H Fair
    Shown By: Kaitlyn Pluimer
  • 13-grand-champion-meat-doe-fairfield-county-fair-james-smith
    Grand Champion Meat Doe
    2013 Fairfield County Fair, OH
    Shown By: James Smith
  • 13-champion-market-goat-miegs-county-fair-jessica-parker
    Champion Market Goat
    2013 Miegs County Fair, OH
    Shown By: Jessica Parker
  • 13-champion-market-goat-fairfiled-county-fair-jordan-feliciano
    Champion Market Goat
    2013 Fairfield County Fair, OH
    Shown By: Jordan Feliciano
  • 13-senior-champion-dair-doe-st-joseph-county-fair-joseph-klinedinst-ii
    Senior Champion Dairy Doe
    2013 St. Joseph County Fair, IN
    Shown By: Joseph Klinedinst II
  • 13-champion-pen-of-two-market-goats-vinton-county-fair-kiki-barlow
    Champion Pen of Two Market goats
    2013 Vinton County Fair, OH
    Shown By: Kiki Barlow
  • 13-champion-market-goat-frederick-county-fair-owen-lankey
    Champion Market Goat
    2013 Fredrick County Fair, PA
    Shown By: Owen Lankey
  • 13-champion-market-goat-nelson-county-fair-makenzie-hornback
    Champion Market goat
    2013 Nelson County Fair, KY
    Shown By: Makenzie Hornback
  • 13-champion-market-goat-athens-county-fair-taylor-carr
    Champion Market Goat
    2013 Athens County Fair, OH
    Shown By: Taylor Carr
  • 13-champion-market-goat-washington-county-fair-tyler-welch
    Champion Market Goat
    2013 Washington County Fair, OH
    Shown By: Tyler Welch
  • 13-champion-full-blood-0-3-meade-county-fair-zachary-mills
    Champion Full Blood Doe 0-3
    2013 Meade County Fair
    Shown By: Zachary Mills
  • 12-grand-champ-market-goat-pa-farm-show-jake-ritenour
    Grand Champion Market goat
    2013 PA State Farm Show
    Shown By: Jake Ritenour
  • 13-grand-champion-senior-sanne-doe-indiana-state-fair-brian-pluimer
    Grand Champion Sr. Recorded Grade Doe
    2013 Indiana State Fair
    Shown By: Victoria Krunk
  • 13-grand-champion-senior-sanne-doe-indiana-state-fair-brian-pluimer
    Grand Champion Sr. Sannen Doe
    2013 Indiana State Fair
    Shown By: Brian Pluimer
  • 13-grand-champion-land-of-lincoln-market-goat-Illinois-fair-carlee-critchelow
    Grand Champion Land of Lincoln Market Goat
    2013 Illinois State Fair
    Shown By: Carlee Critchelow
  • 13-class-champion-0-3-months-percentage-doe-ohio-state-fair-judd-ellinger
    Class Champion 0-3 Months Percentage Doe
    2013 Ohio State Fair
    Shown By: Judd Ellinger
  • 13-champ-div-1-goat-michigan-livestock-expo-karlee-shiery
    Champion Division I Goat
    2013 Michigan Livestock Expo
    Shown By: Karlee Shiery
  • 13-wether-sire-class-champion-ohio-state-fair-judd-ellinger
    Wether Sire Class Champion
    2013 Ohio State Fair
    Shown By: Judd Ellinger
  • 13-reserve-champion-sannen-doe-naile-justin-williams
    Reserve Champion Sannen Doe
    2013 NAILE
    Shown By: Justin Williams
  • 13-champion-lamancha-doe-national-goat-expo
    Champion Lamancha Doe
    2013 National Goat Expo
    Shown By: Tim Flickinger
  • 13-wether-sire-class-champion-ohio-state-fair-michael-burns
    Wether Sire Class Champion
    2013 Ohio State Fair
    Shown By: Michael Burns
  • 13-champion-fullblood-doe-illinois-state-fair-noah-darr
    Champion Full Blood Doe
    2013 Illinois State Fair
    Shown By: Noah Darr