Awards Program

Umbarger Show Feeds 2023 Awards Program

We are proud to support youth involved in livestock projects. Your success drives us to continue making championship quality feed and your results speak volumes for our business. If you qualify for a winner’s jacket please submit the following information to your dealer so they can submit the application online

**Reminder, all jacket applications are submitted to your feed dealer. 

Click here for the Umbarger Show Feeds Authorized Dealer’s electronic jacket submission form. 


Winner Information to be submitted to your feed dealer:


  • Exhibitor Name, Phone Number, Address, Email, and Age.
  • Class Won – Please Choose from those listed below.
  • Breed of your animal
  • Name and Date of Show
  • Dates Fed Umbarger Show Feed
  • Style of Jacket: Men’s or Youth
  • Size: Men’s S-3XL, Youth S-XL
  • Digital Picture they can submit online with your information.


County Fair Level:
Grand Champion Overall in the following categories receives a customized winner’s jacket from Umbarger Show Feeds.

State/National Level:
Grand and Reserve Grand Overall, 3rd, 4th, and 5th overall if awarded by the show. An individual breed champion that doesn’t make the top 5 is also awarded a jacket.

**Jackpot Shows do not qualify for the awards program.

Each exhibitor feeding Umbarger Feed and meeting the guidelines outlined above is eligible for one jacket per calendar year. 

Classes eligible for a Jacket are listed below:

  • Grand Champion Market Steer
  • Supreme Champion Heifer
  • Grand Champion Market Lamb
  • Supreme Champion Ewe
  • Grand Champion Market Goat
  • Supreme Champion Doe
  • Grand Champion Market Barrow
  • Grand Champion Gilt
  • Grand Champion Feeder Calf
  • Grand Champion Dairy Feeder Calf
  • Grand Champion Dairy Steer
  • Grand Champion Dairy Heifer
  • Grand Champion Dairy Goat


Contact Darcie Jones at with any questions.