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Starter/Show Feeds:

Blast Off

Crude Protein 20%
Lysine 1.4%
Crude Fat 6%

Carbadox 50 g/ton

  • Do not feed to swine within 42 days of slaughter
  • NO VFD Required

Elite highly palatable pig starter that will add bloom and belly while starting pigs with right kind of muscle shape.

Organic Trace Minerals and Gutcie help transition the digestive tract to a grain based diet while maintaining a consistent stool

3/32” micropellet enhances pellet quality and improves feed intake

Feed Blast OFF at weaning time to show pigs 21 days of age and up.

The unique formulation of BLAST OFF gets pigs sale ready quickly. It also maintains the shape and bloom we all desire with a looseness of structure that makes this an extremely versatile feed.

Pedal Down

Crude Protein……. 19%
Lysine 1.4%
Crude Fat 7%

BMD 30 grams/ton

NO VFD Required

Pedal Down is ideally formulated for growing show pigs. Pedal Down will build muscle mass and shape while maintaining skeletal integrity through this important phase. It will also maintain the correct degree of finish for younger pigs.

Meal form with special flavor will stimulate feed intake.

Best when fed to show pigs at least 40# and up. A great transition/grower feed when starting show pigs after sale day.

Can also be used when increased muscle mass and shape is desired.

Spot Light

Crude Protein…. 17%
Lysine 1.1%
Crude Fat 5%

BMD 30 grams/ton

NO VFD Required

Unique protein and amino acid profile will add muscle shape and bloom to your show pigs while maintaining an optimal growth rate. The addition of barley and steam rolled oats help develop a full and fresh look and a smooth cover needed to win at the highest levels.

Meal form with special flavor will stimulate feed intake.

Feed to show pigs weighing at least 80# and can be fed all the way to show day.

The design of this product with multiple protein and energy sources will add muscle shape while keeping structural soundness a top priority.

Spot Light has a simple feeding concept where top-dresses are not required. Spot Light is formulated and proven to put winning results in every bag.


Crude Protein  15.5%
Lysine  1.1%
Crude Fat  7%

BMD 30 grams/ton

NO VFD Required

A high energy, high fiber ration with a balanced amino acid profile make this product unique in the show industry. Massive utilizes multiple fat and fiber sources that will help achieve added body and cover to show pigs while keeping muscle mass and shape.

Massive works great as a show gilt feed and also on barrows that need to be softened up and bodied down.

Meal form with special flavor will stimulate feed intake.

Best when fed to show pigs at least 150#.

Final Push

Crude Protein  22%
Lysine  1.5%
Crude Fat  7%

NO VFD Required

Final Push is a Top-Dress designed to be fed to show pigs when added top shape is wanted. This product will give you a fresh crisp top that demands attention in the show ring.

Can also be fed to plainer muscled pigs who need to be powered up.

Non Medicated can be fed up to show day

Feeding Rate depends on the desired look you’re after, typical rate is 2lbs- 4lbs/head/day

New meal form with increased egg protein


Crude Protein……. 18%
Lysine 1.0%
Crude Fat 4.5%

BMD 30 grams/ton

NO VFD Required

At Umbarger Show Feeds we understand the challenges or feeding different types of show pigs.  There are certain times less is better.  Pacesetter was formulated for those show pigs that do not require all the extra heat and power that the rest of our line up offers.  Great tool to manage those heavy muscled pigs when not looking to enhance top shape.

This low-fat ration can be fed as a growing ration from 50lbs and up.

Grind and Mix:

Umbarger Hi Energy Fat Supplement

Crude Fat  99.0% min

NO VFD Required

The highest quality liquid fat product available to be added in grind and mix rations for show pigs.

This soy and corn oil based product with special flavoring will give you the ultimate show bloom you’re looking for while increasing feed intake.

Freedom Base
 FB1  FB2  FB3
 Corn 1220 1290 1365
 SBM 445 375 300
Freedom Base Plus 300 300 300
Umbarger Hi E 35 35 35
 2000   2000   2000
 Protein 18.5% 16.5% 15.1%
 Lysine 1.25% 1.15% 1.0%
 Fat 5% 5% 5%

NO VFD Required

Freedom Base Plus is an updated formula with increased digestible proteins as well the addition of prebiotic and probiotic feed additives to promote gut health. Contact the Umbarger Show Team to custom design a ration for your farm.

It’s important to use high quality grains free of toxins to achieve the best results.

When mixing replace corn with the drug of your choice.


Sow Diets:

Umbarger Sow Base 90
Gestation Lactation
 Corn 1488 1283
 SBM 214 537
 Sow Base 90 90
 Soy Hull 200 50
 Umbarger Hi E 10 40

NO VFD Required

This sow base program gives you the ability to grind and mix your own Sow Feeds, follow the chart below to create your own Gestation and Lactation rations.


Crude Protein  18%
Lysine  1.0%
Crude Fat  4.5%

NO VFD Required

Umbarger lactation is highly fortified complete ration that should be fed 5-7 days before farrowing and through entire lactation period.

For best results, offer feed to lactating sows and gilts two times a day. Aggressively increase the amount fed per day so sows and gilts are on full feed as soon as possible.

Increased feed intake will provide higher levels of milk production during lactation phase.


Crude Protein  14%
Lysine  .7%
Crude Fat  3%

NO VFD Required

Umbarger gestation is a complete ration designed for gestating sows and replacement gilts.

Feed each sow or gilt at least 4lbs per head per day depending on their body condition. It’s important to keep your breeding animals in good condition so they can achieve their full genetic potential. If you need help with your sow feeding program contact our sales team and they can assist you.

Swine Additives:


The forerunner in top dress technology for lean gain and muscle development. It was the first show supplement offered to the livestock show industry to contain the combination of L-Caritine and Chromium Tripicolinate, plus added amino acids, organic minerals, and plant proteins.


Scientifically formulated to be used to replenish vital nutrients in show animals during times of stress including prior to, during and after show time. It’s an extremely palatable blend of water soluble electrolytes, rapidly absorbable energy sources, amino acids, and non-digestive Poly and Pligosaccharides all combined to ensure your animal’s appearance is optimized on show day.


Hansen Mueller Steam rolled oats and barley are a high quality ingredient used as a feed additive in show pigs. Contact our team for the best way to utilize these products.


A multi-specie livestock supplement that provides a powerful dose of vitamins. Utilizing B vitamins and the Amaferm advantage for those stressful times when livestock need protection or assistance in recovery. Vita Charge is available in many forms making application easy depending on what is best for your animal.


A pelleted, daily supplement with the Amaferm® advantage for show livestock that can be top-dressed or mixed in the ration to promote appetite and digestive health. Includes ingredients designed to help support animals during extreme temperatures and support hoof and coat care. Also contains garlic, a natural insect repellent.


High energy supplement with added calories to be used as a top dress. Great way to help add fat cover, typical feedings rates are 2-4 ounces per day.


Revolutionary joint supplement with one active ingredient, hyaluronan (HA), that can help maintain joint integrity and ward off potential problems as weight and activity are increased. Feeding rate for show pigs is 15ml per day. 1 quart will last 2 months per pig.


Advanced wound Gel with Hyaluronic Acid. Give it a try on skin irritations and it’s the best product on the market for those cracked open tops we all deal with in the show pig world.


This swine only, ready-to-use product is ideal for use in medicators at waning time and during the show season. HydraBoost has shown to assist in maintaining proper gut health and help pigs during stressful times.


A 70% fat supplement that is a blend of milk products and high-quality fats used to add cover. This super palatable product can also be used as a top-dress to help stimulate appetite. Start by feeding 4 oz twice a day and increase if needed, most cases we do not exceed 16 oz per day.

Hansen Oats

High quality cleaned oats that help aid in digestion and give a fuller body look.

Hansen Barley

High quality cleaned barley that will help give a smooth finish


A gel for all species of livestock ideal for use during diarrhea and scours treatments to support recovery, hydration and nutrient absorption.


ALL NATURAL supplement to help take the edge off your animal prior to showing.
– Will not cause your animals to be “dead heads”,  just makes them more workable.