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Swine Additives:


The forerunner in top dress technology for lean gain and muscle development. It was the first show supplement offered to the livestock show industry to contain the combination of L-Caritine and Chromium Tripicolinate, plus added amino acids, organic minerals, and plant proteins.


Scientifically formulated to be used to replenish vital nutrients in show animals during times of stress including prior to, during and after show time. It’s an extremely palatable blend of water soluble electrolytes, rapidly absorbable energy sources, amino acids, and non-digestive Poly and Pligosaccharides all combined to ensure your animal’s appearance is optimized on show day.


A multi-specie livestock supplement that provides a powerful dose of vitamins. Utilizing B vitamins and the Amaferm advantage for those stressful times when livestock need protection or assistance in recovery. Vita Charge is available in many forms making application easy depending on what is best for your animal.


A pelleted, daily supplement with the Amaferm® advantage for show livestock that can be top-dressed or mixed in the ration to promote appetite and digestive health. Includes ingredients designed to help support animals during extreme temperatures and support hoof and coat care. Also contains garlic, a natural insect repellent.


High energy supplement with added calories to be used as a top dress. Great way to help add fat cover, typical feedings rates are 2-4 ounces per day.


Revolutionary joint supplement with one active ingredient, hyaluronan (HA), that can help maintain joint integrity and ward off potential problems as weight and activity are increased. Feeding rate for show pigs is 15ml per day. 1 quart will last 2 months per pig.


Advanced wound Gel with Hyaluronic Acid. Give it a try on skin irritations and it’s the best product on the market for those cracked open tops we all deal with in the show pig world.


This swine only, ready-to-use product is ideal for use in medicators at waning time and during the show season. HydraBoost has shown to assist in maintaining proper gut health and help pigs during stressful times.


A 70% fat supplement that is a blend of milk products and high-quality fats used to add cover. This super palatable product can also be used as a top-dress to help stimulate appetite. Start by feeding 4 oz twice a day and increase if needed, most cases we do not exceed 16 oz per day.

Hansen Oats

High quality cleaned oats that help aid in digestion and give a fuller body look.

Hansen Barley

High quality cleaned barley that will help give a smooth finish


A gel for all species of livestock ideal for use during diarrhea and scours treatments to support recovery, hydration and nutrient absorption.